About Us

This blog is dedicated to sharing provocative thinking on two topics:

  • Pricing Strategy & Software
  • Website Investing Strategy

Website Investing Strategy

My hobby. I’ve been investing in and optimizing content websites for the past 8 years.

Specific areas of interest:

Pricing Strategy / Software

My professional focus for the past 15 years. I’ve been head of pricing (among other things) at four companies, leading strategy teams for Distribution, Manufacturing, and Retail CPG.

Key principles of my approach:

  • The biggest commercial gains only come when you rethink the business
  • 80 / 20 – Focus on doing only a few things but execute flawlessly
  • Effective change leadership is an efficiency game (Engineering FTW!)
  • Eliminate complexity and opacity to accelerate progress
  • Automation is the key to sustainability
  • You get what you inspect

I’ve written about customer profitability and yield management.

Inquiries about either area can be directed to: hound-at-marginhound.com

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