Digital Marketing ROI Calculator

Digital Marketing ROI calculator; generates the expected return on investment from an online marketing campaign (advertising roi) or inbound marketing program (content marketing roi). Model supports generation of paid and organic traffic. Traffic can be monetized via advertising, affiliate offers, and proprietary products. Note: This calculator is designed for post-campaign analysis; if you're trying to estimate the results for a new (untested) campaign, take a look at one of our campaign ROI estimators for PPC, CPV, and Display / CPM ads. Select one of the examples below to see the calculator in action!

Program Type Examples

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Traffic & Content Assumptions

Advertising CPM: $0.50/1000 Impressions

Advertising CPC: $0.20 Cost Per Click

Monetization - Advertising

Monetization - Affiliate Offers

Ad Impressions 1000000
Unique Visitors 2500
Cost Per Unique $0.20
Revenue Per Unique $0.34
Ad CPM (Paid) $0.50
Ad RPM (Earned) $0.71
Total Revenue $850
Content / Design Budget $100
Ad Budget $500
Campaign Profit $250
Marketing ROI (All Traffic) 41.67%
Pure Advertising ROI 41.67%

This marketing ROI calculator / advertising ROI calculator is a comprehensive tool for web publishers and affiliate marketers to use to analyze the profitability of their traffic. It combines several calculators into a distinct view. You can use it as a CPM calculator (traffic cost), RPM calculator, and value per visit calculator. It will also tell you your campaign profit and overall marketing ROI.

Traffic is split into two parts - paid and organic (seo, social, direct visits). For deep analysis, we recommend looking at the two separately. However, the tool supports creating blended views (paid traffic and organic traffic) so you can examine the overall profitability of a project. For situations where paid and organic traffic is blended, we assume the two types of traffic perform equally and back the organic visits out of the return-on-advertising statistics. So if the site is 40% paid, 60% organic - the "Pure Advertising" ROI is calculated only on visits and revenue which is attributed to paid traffic. This is intended to provide a clear view of the economics of scaling up an existing campaign to proven content. You can also run the tool with 100% organic traffic - in which case you'll get a good view of your advertising revenue per visitor and affiliate offer conversion rate metrics.

The CPM calculator portion of the tool generates two statistics. The first, Ad CPM, is the effective Cost per Mille for paid traffic for the website. The second metric, Ad RPM, takes the revenue generated from the paid traffic portion of the site and maps it back to the advertising campaign. This calculates your break-event CPM for paid traffic based on your site's current ability to generate revenue.

The site recognizes two different forms of revenue generation, advertising (eCPM calculator) and affiliate offers (conversion rate calculator). Both can be used within the same analysis - to reflect sites which have a blended revenue model. The advertising eCPM calculation expands the initial visit out into a number of pageviews - uniques x sessions-per-unique x pages x advertising-per-page. This provides perspective on what display advertising can deliver to the business. The affiliate offer model features multiple steps:

In the event one of these steps isn't relevant (for example, if you are direct linking traffic to the merchant site), set that value to the same as the prior step and continue with the calculation. In the case of unpaid conversions, simply set that number to zero. The goal of this calculator is to force some consideration of the various things which can affect the profitability of your online marketing campaigns.

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