CPV / PPV Campaign ROI Calculator

CPV Campaign ROI calculator; generates the expected return on investment from an pay per view priced display advertising campaign. Models conversion and sale of an affiliate offer (or house product, if you are running them).Select one of the examples below to see the calculator in action!

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Traffic Assumptions

Landing Page Traffic 50000
Merchant Clicks 1000
Buyers 40
Cost Per Sale $25.00
Payout Per Sale $30.00
Commission $1200
Ad Budget $1000
Campaign Profit $200
Campaign ROI 20%

This CPV roi calculator analyzes the return on investment for running a Cost Per View campaign. CPV (Cost Per Vier) advertising is used by affiliate marketers; these traffic sources frequently offer highly targeted traffic which is not regularly pursued by non-affiliate marketers. This traffic is also referred to as Pay-Per-View (PPV) campaigns. This calculator models a typical CPV campaign conversion process and estimates how much of the traffic you can convert to your offer (paid sales). This amount is compared with your ad budget to assess if you were able to turn a profit. This tool can be used to run "what-if" scenarios and help plan prospective campaigns. If you have already run the campaign and are analyzing the results, check out our marketing roi calculator.

The traffic source is modeled using an advertising budget and an expected average cost per view (CPV) amount. We divide cost per visitor into the budget to get an expected number of visitors. We show this as "landing page traffic".

We modeled traffic conversion rate as a multi-step process. Visitors arrive at the landing page, where they glimpse your offer for a fleeting moment (before they hit the close button on the popup ad). For reasons which can be solely attributed to your hard-hitting copywriting, brawling polemic, and targeting prowess, a handful of your visitors click on the button and proceed to the merchant. Once at the merchant, a fraction of these visitors pull out their credit card and make a purchase. We are then paid a commission. Much rejoicing occurs.

The CPV campaign ROI calculator analyzes this data and creates a report which summarizes your CPV campaign profit and return on investment. This describes your expected return from the campaign.

The more observant members of the audience are raising their hand at this point to point out various other sources of complexity in the process. We run affiliate offers as well and here are some suggested solutions.

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