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Website Value Can Be Estimated Using Traffic or Real Revenue Numbers

Show Me The Money!

Have you ever asked "How Much Is My Website Worth"?

This website value calculator can be used to estimate how much your site is worth. Just enter some basic information about your site - your line of business, your site numbers, and some information about where you get your traffic and how you currently make money. We use a multi-factor model to estimate value. If you site is not generating revenue, that's ok - the model estimates the potential value of your traffic based on similar sites.

The Model will also give you ideas on how you can increase your revenues. We compare your site with similar sites in our website revenue model and website valuation reseach study. The model identifies revenue generation strategies that worked for your peers. You make also like our website revenue calculator. We're still tweaking this section, so bookmark this site and check back with us on a regular basis to get the latest updates!

For those of you who like to build and flip websites, this calculator can be used to swag the numbers for a new project. To see how much your site is worth using different assumptions, simply pick a different option and hit the button.

To get the highest possible price for your website (or any business), think carefully about what types of buyers would get the most value from it. When you are ready to sell, you should approach these potential buyers. For example, if you have a large content site about marketing, you should approach a marketing services company. They can make more money from the site than other potential buyers. For example, they can promote their services on the site (worth far more than a PPC ad) and could likely generate cheap content. You can help this process by building the right relationships in advance and selecting features likely to appeal to this audience and their customers.

Disclaimer / Methodology: This valuation is like all other M&A models - it should be used for brainstorming, amusement, and discussion purposes only. In that regard, it is no different than anything else Wall Street creates. In the real world, the correct price for a website is the one at which you think you're earning a fair return on your investment and the person buying the site thinks they are earning a fair return on their money - ie. the one that makes the two of you want to shake hands. This will vary from person to person - frequently by a large amount!

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